Construction shadowThe USCIS EB-5 Program is designed to be a tool that drives US job creation and economic development.  When properly structured, EB-5 financing can provide significant, inexpensive capital to a wide variety of projects.  While Princeton Global is primarily focused on gap financing for large real estate projects, we do pursue other projects for which EB-5 capital is equally well-suited – typically large corporate, municipal or other governmental or institutional infrastructure projects.

Princeton Global has established relationships with the most well respected professionals, brokers and agents in the EB-5 field.  We take a very conservative approach to EB-5 financing, which ensures the highest probability of success in funding while at the same time providing maximum security for our investors.  Due to the nature of EB-5 funding, the minimum investment amount we typically pursue is approximately $10M and such investments (typically structured as debt vehicles) rarely represent more than 30-35% of the capital stack.

Eb-5 is particularly well-suited for projects that:

  • Require significant gap financing (in excess of $10M);
  • Have material public or institutional participation;
  • Have strong corporate, institutional or governmental backing;
  • Are regionally significant.

If you believe that you have a project that would be a fit for EB-5 investment, please feel free to contact us.